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Here is a selection of current products for you to browse through, although our listing doesn't extend to the thousands of items that are readily available from CBS.

We also maintain a list of useful manufacturer websites if you need further details on a particular product or product range.

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add product ID0404 to the basketHWL-699 Synchronous»

Product id: ID0404

Price: £7.50

Replcement Synchronous Motor

add product ID0403 to the basketVLT-25-2457

Product id: ID0403

Price: £66.50

Valliant diverter valve.

add product ID0120 to the basketTPI 153 Large Display»

Product id: ID0120

Price: £65.00

Large LCD display for easy»

add product ID0234 to the basketAA1/LT/HDH - Air/Gas»

Product id: ID0234

Price: £23.50

Type K plug.
100mm shaft.

add product ID0020 to the basketTPI 342/770 Kit

Product id: ID0020

Price: £249.00

Contents of kit:
1 x TPI 342 -»

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Potterson Heating

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Ariston (MTS Group)

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Kane International Ltd

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Anglo Nordic

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S / West Peninular Training Ltd

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Maester Instruments

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Aga / Rayburn

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Worcester Bosch

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Ambi Rad

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Andrew Water Heaters

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Flavel Leisure

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Heating World

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Electronic Temperature Instruments

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Keston Boilers Ltd

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Nu-Way Burners

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Boulter Boilers

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Institute of Plumbing

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Riello Burners

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Robinson Willey

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Homeserve Servowarm

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Stanley Cookers

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Teddington Controls

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View the website of 'Trianco Redfyre'. View info on 'Trianco Redfyre'.

Trianco can trace its pedigree back to the 1850s when Newton Chambers first made coal fire ranges at Thorncliffe in Sheffield. Fireplaces, back boilers and free standing heating stoves followed and, in 1873, the company was awarded the royal warrant to Queen Victoria - it presently holds the Queen Mother's warrant.

Under the name, the 1940s and 50s saw the company pioneer domestic oil fired boilers and it was probably the first with an oil combi. In the early 1970s they acquired Trianco Stewart, a small oil boiler manufacturer, and thus Trianco was born.

A management buy out followed in 1983 and then, in 1995, the company became part of the Bullough Group and subsequently Union Investment a division of Browallia. Revitalisation and a determination to make Trianco a market leader in the heating industry came in March 2001 with the appointment of Peter Ferguson as managing director.


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